Seeking Board of Directors Members

The Board of Directors is seeking additional members who have interest and/or talents in specific areas. We even have job descriptions! We need you!

To the outside world, Voices of Omaha exists only once a year – during the annual performance of Messiah. To the chorus, VOO exists for seven weeks each year – during rehearsals and the performance. But for your Board of Directors, VOO is a year-long effort! There’s a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes to raise $35,000 each season … and it is fun and rewarding!

Are you interested in joining us in the fun? We will even provide on-the-job training! Each board member serves a three-year term. Take a look at each of the job descriptions which you can download by clicking the link.


By March 31st– contact Amanda Patrick, President, if you are interested to serve in any of these positions.

April 1 – new Board Members will be installed at the annual meeting.

Director of Development and Fundraising

Director of Marketing and Communications

Director of Educational Outreach

Director of Community Outreach

Director of Event Operations



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