2020 Messiah Performance Cancelled

Dear Voices of Omaha Community,

After some very difficult conversations, the Voices of Omaha Board of Directors and the artistic staff have made the painful decision to cancel this year’s presentation of Handel’s Messiah. The recommendation of the American Choral Directors Association is that it is unwise to have large groups of people singing together as this possibly can contribute to an easy spread of COVID-19 deemed “super-spreading” events.

We are pursuing other avenues to honor our work together in the form of a rebroadcast by KVNO of last year’s performance. This will take place on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We will send out further details as we receive them.

We remain focused on our mission, vision and values and are taking steps to ensure that we will come back in a way that allows us to grow and continue to serve the extraordinary community that has supported us for over 50 years.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe,

Deb Furey



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