OmahaGives Campaign Success!


OmahaGives Fireworks
 We are thrilled and humbled by everyone’s generosity during the OmahaGives campaign!

Thank you, Omaha!

Donations ranged from $10 to $750.  With support like this, the future of Voices of Omaha is bright indeed.


The board of directors is deeply grateful to the following 46 individuals who made gifts through the OmahaGives! campaign 2016.

OmahaGives! 2016 Campaign Donors

Anonymous (4)
Patrick Brusnahan
Greg Carlson
Mari Alice Christensen
Catherine and Terry Ferguson
Timothy L. Forsyth
Kathleen Garrean
J. Dominic Green
Georgia Gruenler
Kristin Harper
Melanie Hausner
Beverly Hazuka
Kevin L. Hendrix
Edward B. Hurd
Brianne Kemp
Vivian Kesar
Janet Koenig
Deborah Krambeck
Karen Lange
Bobbi Larsen
Sherryl Lilley
Kristine Lind
John Love
Carolyn McCormick
Diane McEniry
Travis Mullins
Jim McNamara
Taylor Mersch
Terryn Mersch
Emily Nave
Amanda Patrick
Rigoberto Ramos
Darlene Schiefelbein
Lynne Schultze
Dana Sloan
Amanda Stevenson
Hugh Stoddard
Sharon Struve
Orene Taylor
Phyllis and Del Toebben
Ashley Voorhees
Karl Wetzstein
Robin Williams
Michael Zehnder
Again, thank you to all who made donations to Voices of Omaha through OmahaGives!
Omaha Gives Fireworks 2


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