To access the practice tracks for Messiah:

1. To listen to the learning tracks simply register for free at (no credit card required).
    NB! Choose ChoralPractice Free membership, not ChoralPractice Premium

2. Then Log in and click «ChoralFactory”.

   You will then be asked to enter an authorisation code.
3. Enter code: Messiah2019  and you will access your project´s page.

4. Click «Messiah» and choose the movement you wish to listen to.

   (The upload may take a few moments, depending on the speed of your internet connection.)
5. Click Play (The white triangle to the left on the bar below the music sheet)
6. By clicking on the Mixer icon (to the right on the bar below the music sheet) the volume sliders will appear, enabling you to adjust the level of each single voice. Click again to remove the mixer.
7. Watch our instruction video on how to use ChoralPractice here:

8. In order to for ChoralPractice to run optimally on your PC/Mac
we recommend that you use the browsers Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Please note that ChoralPractice will not run in the browser on your phone or tablet.

iPhone/iPad and Android

You can also access the learning tracks with our apps.
Download them for free on the AppStore or on Google Play.
If you should expericence any problems with using ChoralPractice,
please don´t hesitate to contact our support manager at:


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